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How To Stay Productive While Social Distancing With These Free Online Courses

While this time is challenging and traumatizing for many, it also presents an opportunity to take advantage of a valuable resource: time. Staying inside during this quarantine is a great time to rest, reset and prioritize your what you’re grateful for, your purpose and even gaining more knowledge! We put together a list of resources that are offering Free Online Courses right now so you can be productive, learn and grow in order to be more successful after the quarantine period is done!

Here are some helpful tips to keep in mind to get back onto the path of being productive (not that there’s anything wrong with binge watching your favorite show). 

Accept The Moment: 

The effects of COVID will be here for a while, an undetermined amount of time, and this is the first step to moving forward with a better mindset. 

Let Yourself Feel Whatever You Need 

Mixed emotions are going to happen and that’s completely normal, make sure to talk to someone as most people feel the same way. Talk to different people to get your mind off of everything so you’re not putting all of your feelings onto one person. 

Start New Routines

Now’s the time to start making time to go outside, read that book that you’ve been wanting to read or even take that online course to gain some more knowledge. 

Laugh/Have Fun 

It’s ok to have fun, laugh and talk with people who make you see the bright side of the situation.

Get Sleep 

Sleep is the one of the most important parts of this whole process, otherwise how are you going to have the energy to start your new routine, read that book or exercise?

Make Self-Care A Priority 

Taking care of yourself is the key to keeping your mental health together during this quarantine. All of these things on this list are a part of self-care. Take everything one day at a time and try not to be overwhelmed by the news. 


Being proactive and productive means going on walks, doing yoga, running or working out at home to feel good about yourself!

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