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How does it work?

We help you get the money you need 


How do I know that I've been approved? 

Once you've requested a loan, you will be redirected to an unaffiliated lender who can quickly help you find a loan. The unaffiliated lender's software platform reviews your needs and searches the lender network for a loan that meets those needs.

If the unaffiliated lender can assist you, you'll be redirected to the lender's website automatically so that you can review the unaffiliated lender’s loan terms, sign and accept your loan documents. Not every applicant will receive a loan. If the unaffiliated lender is unable to meet your needs, you will be redirected to additional credit products that may help improve your financial situation.

In either situation, you'll be redirected to the website of an unaffiliated lender that can assist you, whatever your financial circumstances.

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Because we know that life happens, unaffiliated lenders can help you find a loan

How quickly will I receive my loan?​


If you've been connected with a lender for an unsecured loan, the lender will provide you with consumer loan documents to review. You should always review the loan documents to ensure you understand the loan terms.If you agree to the lender’s loan conditions, you should electronically sign the documents to accept and finalize the loan. Upon your signature and acceptance of the documents, you can receive your check/funds as soon as the next business day. If you were unable to connect with a lender for an unsecured loan, and instead connect you with a lender for a short-term line of credit, you may receive funds as soon as the next business day after the line of credit is approved.

Are you a direct lender? ​

WE ARE NOT A DIRECT LENDER. We provide a service that allows the consumers to connect with companies that have money to lend. We do not accept loan applications from you. You will submit the information you provide to one or more lenders and attempt to connect you with a lender. When you look for a personal loan through direct lenders, each lender requires a separate application. Each application results in a separate credit inquiry and multiple credit inquiries in a short period of time can negatively impact your credit score. By using our service, the only hard credit check on your credit record is made by the lender with which you contract for a loan.

Can I get approved with bad credit?


Yes, even with bad credit or no credit, you can get connected with a lender for a loan. Although lenders take your credit into consideration, you may still be able to qualify for a loan even if you’ve had past credit issues. The lenders  may be able to accommodate all types of consumers, including those with good credit, bad credit, or no credit. Even if you have bankruptcies, liens, and other negative credit problems, you may still be able to get quickly approved for a loan.


How much can I borrow with a personal or unsecured loan?


The lenders may provide personal loans up to $5,000. Your loan amount is determined by the lender based  on your individual creditworthiness, including income, employment information, and credit history, as well as other factors. If you don’t qualify for a traditional personal loan, we can also connect you with of short-term credit lenders for loans up to $5,000, which  are best used only for emergencies.


Will my credit affect my chances of getting a loan?


Even with bad credit or no credit, you may still be connected with a lender for a loan. Lenders look at your current financial situation, including employment and income status, so past credit issue may not prohibit you from getting a loan.


Can I choose to repay my loan in installments or in one lump sum?


As many lenders may offer larger unsecured loans, most lenders will offer you more time to repay your loan. Ask your lender about specific repayment details and whether multiple repayment options are available.


What are the costs for a loan?


Unlike secured loans, unsecured loans do not require any collateral but will likely have higher interest rates, depending on your credit. Due to differing laws and regulations, the cost of borrowing an unsecured loan varies depending on your lender and the state in which you live. Once you are connected with a lender, you should review your loan agreement thoroughly as it will outline any interest rates or fees associated with your loan. You may also call the lender directly with specific questions about your loan.


How will I know if I qualify for an unsecured loan?


You simply complete the short online contact information form and the automatic loan connection service will work to connect you with a lender. If you are connected with a lender, you will be redirected to the lender’s website automatically to complete your loan application and review your loan documents, if approved.


What is an unsecured loan?


An unsecured loan is a loan without any collateral to secure its repayment. Because an unsecured loan is not guaranteed by any collateral, it is riskier for lenders and, as such, typically has a higher interest rate than a secured loan. Although interest rates are higher, the interest rate for an unsecured loan may still be lower than the rates of other forms of credit.

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