4 things you can do today to save money


Saving money can sometimes be the hardest thing to do. But by changing simple habits, small amounts will add up before you know it. You can make these four simple changes in your life to start saving money RIGHT NOW.



It’s so easy to grab a quick sandwich from McDonald’s or even a coffee from Dunkin Donuts to get the day going. That $3 sandwich and $2 coffee can easily add up to be $35 a week you can save on just breakfast alone. Lunch and dinner times are the most expensive times in restaurants to dine out. Businesses know that people are too tired to go home to cook. Consumers are used to getting quick and instant food. An average meal with a drink cost anywhere between $10-$25 in restaurants. That’s just ONE serving of food. $10-$15 a day on lunch or dinner can easily be $70-$125 a week you are spending.  One stop at the grocery store spending $70-$125 can give you double or even triple the amount of food. A 64 ounce bag of chicken at Walmart is on average $7. A value meal at Wendy’s is $8. The bag of chicken could last up to a week for dinner portions compared to one day of food from the value meal. Changing this spending habit can not only save you tons of more money, but it can also help you live a healthier lifestyle. Eating just got cheaper!



While you’re switching to a healthier lifestyle and healthier eating habits, don’t forget to reduce the amount of how much you’re spending on groceries. You would be surprised at the dollar amount difference you save when ditching a name brand product. Most of the time the upcharge for a product is only because of the name associated with it. Don’t spend more for something that has the EXACT same ingredients in it. Aldi, Save-A-Lot, Ultra Foods, and other discounted priced stores are perfect for being on a budget or saving money. You will get more bang for your buck in the long run. It also doesn’t even have to be just for food. There are generic brands for clothing, medicine, and electronics. The savings are endless.



Gas prices are always fluctuating. Don’t end up on the wrong end of the pump! Walking or bike riding can be more beneficial to your health and to your wallet. Walking or bike riding to work saves money on parking, gas, and repairs to your vehicle. Adjust your time and schedule to riding your bike for the day or walking to that event down the street. Another cool way to save money and have more fun on your way out is to carpool. If someone volunteers to drive or pick you up, ACCEPT THAT OFFER! If a co-worker lives near you and drives the same distance to work, it’s a perfect opportunity to carpool to get to the same location. Achieve a cheaper route by dusting off that old bike or putting on your walking shoes.



Gym memberships are the number one subscription that most consumers have and don’t use. That $20 -$30 amount of money you’re paying for a membership adds up over time without use. Begin working out from home. Use your TV to stream a free work out session on YouTube. You’ll save at least $240 a year in gym membership fees by doing squats and planks at home. Another subscription to cancel is cable TV. Keep your internet plan and purchase a digital media player. AppleTv, Google Chromecast, or even the new Amazon Fire TV Stick can allow you to stream HBO, Netflix, and other shows and movies on your TV by using WiFi. This will not only cut your bill in half but also allow you to only use the resources you need for your entertainment. No more paying for thing that you’re not using.  


By following these simple steps to financial savings, you will see an immediate difference in your monthly income. For more tips and advice on saving, be sure to subscribe to receive updates.