Inexpensive places to buy Halloween costumes


Halloween is right around the corner. Find an affordable but awesome outfit can be a big BOO!  Here are some SPOOK-tacular stores that are known for great savings, EVERY DAY!

Dollar General

Located in most of the Chicago neighborhood areas, Dollar General is a great store for affordable costumes.  Their costumes range from a killer bear to Darth Vader. The children costumes are even greater! Witches and super heroes are always in style. Something unique that Dollar General is doing is also offering face paint and graphic effects makeup. You can create any look from just painting on a cool design.

Family Dollar

Starting at $5 and up, Family Dollar is ideal for Halloween decorations and costume accessories. Fake teeth, squishy rings, and trick or treat bags are on the list this year for Halloween novelties. Want to be a zombie or a clown? Family Dollar has makeup kits for the whole family with instructions and multiple colors.

Dollar Tree

You can never go wrong with Dollar Tree! Everything is A DOLLAR. Dollar Tree Halloween accessories include children costumes where your child can be a pirate, witch, princess, Tinkerbelle and much more. It can even be the cheap pick up stop for candy and party decorations.

Make Halloween memorable and most importantly make it affordable. Spend your money wisely and effectively this fall to prepare for financial success this winter.